19th June 2018

Winter dreams similarities

Winter dreams Gatsby
Dexter grow up in the east as he stated that he hasn’t been in the mid west for 7 years Gatsby grow up in the mid west.
Dexter wasn’t rich at the start but made his wealth through his laundry business. Gatsby made his wealth through a chain of drug stores.
Dexter was in love with a girl that he tried to marry named Jude Jones but then moved on with his life Gatsby tried to marry Daisy as that was goal and he never moved on
Dexter went to war while he loved Judy but then he moved on when he got back Gatsby went to war for 5 years and then Daisy married Tom but he still tried to marry her.
The story winter dreams also portrays New York as a place where anything can happen.

It took place in New York, where he had done well– so well that there were no barriers too high for him.
This shows that Dexter made his wealth in New York were anything is possible
New York in the Great Gatsby is where “any thing is possible even Gatsby”

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